We loved working with Robert! He is so kind and caring, and is sooo knowledgeable. We felt like we were in the room with an 800 pound gorilla on our side. We appreciate you Robert!!


"Just a few years ago I was directly involved in one of Southern Maine's largest home heating oil issues. I went into Mr.Robert Nadeau's law office in desperation. I was broke, and I was near the point of bankruptcy. I had already been threw multiple attorney firms and, I had no where to go. Mr.Nadeau opened his door and his heart for me. We sat down, and I explained to him my situation, we spoke for hours by the end of our conversation he said, and I quote "Nick, I believe in you. I know you don't have any money, but I will help you, and I will represent you." Mr. Nadeau did every thing in his power to make sure I was treated fairly. He was and is still only a phone call away for ANY situation either personal or business. Through our relationship he has gone from being my attorney, to a trusted friend, a friend not only to me, but my family as well. Simply put, I thank God and I am so grateful Mr. Robert Nadeau came and stayed in my life."


"I'd like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend Bob Nadeau as Attorney at Law. I came to Bob on several occasions for help with several situations in which I needed legal advice and representation. Bob has an incredible understanding of the law and has a great ability to analyze any situation and develop a game plan that he feels will remedy the situation in the best interest of his client(s). Bob was "always" extremely professional, kind, understanding, and approached my situations with conviction. I always felt he believed in me and truly wanted to help. I was also extremely impressed by his integrity and strong sense of ethics. I will be forever grateful for all of his help."

Brett Ruhmann

"Bob Nadeau has represented my wife and myself for nearly 30 years, both of us are very satisfied with Bob's services. We would HIGHLY recommend Bob for any/all Legal matters for which we may need an Attorney. Anyone would be well represented using Bob's expertise and experience in legal matters."

Peter J. Cannell

"After major trauma due to being hit by car in a crosswalk 10/1/15, I hired Robert to represent me and hopefully buffer the ill effects. I was not pleased with adversarial positions of the insurance company and firm representing the driver, however, Robert smoothed the way in a timely and effective manner. I highly recommend him as a legal rep."

Deborah Kreis

"I highly recommend Nadeau Legal PLLC to use for your need in any help from a reliable lawyer. Robert is been our lawyer for the past 20 years and he was always there for us when we need it him. You will not be disappointed."

Elissar Naser

"Attorney Nadeau is very detailed and works hard to cover all angles of your case."

Jon Stewart

"Attorney Nadeau did an extremely professional job setting up our limited liability company, with federal tax ID, company book and seal, needed local registrations and corporate filings, book, certificates, operating agreement, seal, real estate transaction, and very helpful information and guidance to protect our business. It is great to know that when we need him, he will be there for us!"


"I used Nadeau Legal PLLC to for many things, the most recent of which was to set up a irrevocable trust for me. I have always been very satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge of Attorney Nadeau. Besides the Irrevocable Trust, I also used Attorney Nadeau to settle a dispute several years ago to my satisfaction and also as a result of a contractor's negligence at my home which caused bodily injury. I received a settlement from the contractor's insurance company as a result."

James Van Valkenburgh

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